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The Finance Leadership Lab is a membership for corporate finance professionals of all kinds to learn finance best practices and grow their career

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Most finance professionals have the mindset and potential to have the career of their dreams.All they need is a little mentorship and a little push.This membership not only gives you a push, you get a full leap forward by learning best practices about everything you need to grow your career.We cover everything from financial reporting best practices to leading a world class team.The best part?You as a member get to vote on what's next.Every month, new video courses, templates, models, playbooks, and ebooks will be released based on exactly what would be most helpful to you!This membership is designed for those who resonate with the following:

  • You want to reach your full potential as a finance professional

  • You want a high performing finance team working for you

  • You want to learn how the best companies run their finance teams

  • You want to learn how to build systems to maximize your impact and minimize your effort

  • You want reports, models, and templates you can implement today in your business

  • You want to explore additional career paths for finance professionals (fractional CFO, digital education business, etc.)

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  • Instant access to the membership: on-demand courses, ebooks, and other templates

  • Future content will be made available for free to existing members

  • Vote on future courses, books, and workshops

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Current content in the Finance Leadership Lab

Immerse yourself in finance best practices

On-demand courses

With 4+ hours of on-demand video, you'll learn how to build a world-class FP&A process from scratch.The FP&A Flywheel course that is designed to help you implement financial modeling and FP&A best practices (originally $195)

  • Deign an ideal monthly calendar so you can reliably produce value for executives and key stakeholders

  • Build an efficient financial model in Excel and learn how to structure it so you reduce your time spent updating the model

  • Improve your revenue predictions so you can project your future revenue using your unique business model

  • Drive expense efficiency in your company using vendor level expense forecasting, department budgeting, and by-person headcount modeling - all in Excel

  • Master financial analysis to consistently diagnose and communicate business opportunities using our $100M Analysis Template

  • Copy our Perfect Executive Reporting Template that we've used to clearly communicate the financial storyline with executive leaders and key stakeholders

  • Lead the planning and budgeting process with a strategic planning framework and monthly initiative scorecard


In 100+ pages of frameworks, systems, and best practices you'll learn how high performing finance leaders execute their role.Get instant access to The FP&A Operating System and The Finance Manager Playbook with dozens of frameworks and lessons for 10+ years of leading 15-person finance teams (originally $29 each)

  • Create a vision and get s*** done

  • Build your reporting ecosystem

  • Analysis that drives action

  • Forecasting framework for FP&A

  • Consulting to build advocates

  • Become a visionary finance leader

  • Develop a healthy and high performing team culture

  • Get more done with less stress and less hours

  • Become a magnet for the best talent

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